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bash + fzf quickie for an agile zoom experience

Daily standup, monday 1:1, friday retro, backlog grooming, team meeting. Sound familiar? Go to calendar, find the event, press the zoom link, every day, at least once. Does not sound so agile

Not anymore!

Periodic events usually get the same Zoom room ID every time. Drop in a couple of bash lines, put it somewhere on your path and we get a nifty command to go to zoom rooms without having to fish for links on the screen.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

declare -A rooms

  [standup \(daily\)]=""
  [1:1 \(mon\)]=""
  [team meeting \(tue\)]=""
  [backlock groom \(thu\)]=""
  [retro \(fri\)]=""

room=$(IFS=$'\n' ; echo -en "${!rooms[*]}" | fzf)
[[ -n $room ]] && open "${rooms[$room]}"

If you ever find yourself on an empty room, go back to step 1, maybe the ID has changed and you are the only one that didn’t get it :)

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