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A conky config for thinkpads

Lately I was feeling a bit nostalgic about how the desktop looked when I started playing with linux, and decided that it was time to write myself a Conky config to pimp my laptop.


Much of the stuff could have been done using the Lua and Cairo API from Conky, but I played it off with just a bash script and iconic fontsets.


The cool thing about it is that some icons change depending on the state. For instance, the battery icon displays the charge level, and blinks if the charge level < 5%.

Other features include:

  • An indicator for your ThinkLight™
  • Battery status
  • Volume and brightness controls
  • CPU and Memory usage
  • Disk usage
  • Network usage
  • CapsLk indicator

The light indicator, brightness and volume come from the ibm acpi module, thus some changes may be needed to make it work without it.


git clone ~/.thinky
cp ~/.thinky/fonts/*.ttf ~/.fonts
conky -c ~/.thinky/conkyrc


The main font is OswaldFont by Vernon Adams, and the icons provided in the thinky-glyphs.ttf file are part of the following iconic fontsets: Font Awesome, Typicons, Entypo; repackaged into a single file using Fontello.

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